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CD Reviews and Awards

Times Argus/Rutland Herald: Singer/Song writer of the year and Best album of the year for 2012.


Times Argus/ Rutland Herald, Art Edelstein,

“Music reviewers love to discover new talent or get a CD of music by an unknown who is really good. Such is the case for this reviewer and the new CD “Made For Flying” by Lizzy Mandell...So what’s so special about this album and performer? In a word, it is full of great singing and great songwriting. “


Seven Days, Dan Bolles:

"Listeners to Lizzy Mandell’s new album, Made for Flying, will likely be left with one burning question: Who the hell is Lizzy Mandell? Judging by the all-star local cast assembled on her debut, central Vermont music aficionados appear to have been clued into something that, until now, the rest of the state had not: Mandell is a considerably gifted singer and songwriter. How and why she has flown under the radar to this point is a mystery"


"Made for Flying" is now available as individual digital song downloads or on CD.

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